It wasn't necessarily I am the greatest designer in the world but I could work with people to get things done

A Creative Outlet

Debbye Byrum


I may misinterpret something that is, then recognize and say: oh! that is not what I thought it is but my idea is even better so now I am going to do what I thought it was a great idea and does not exist yet so I get to make it.

Transforming dyslexia and depression into Burning man fire art.

Words and letters are not the only aspects that he was seeing from different angles.

The Professor


I believe that story telling is one of the greatest means to change the world and even if your story is not a story of revolution but it is a way to get people to empathize, to know someone who is different than them and I think storytelling is the most effective way to get people to do that and see themselves in others.

-Simone Stadler

Frustration as source of inspiration and story-telling as a tool for empathizing

Simone Stadler and Grace Hannoy


Writers are mediums who had not choice but assigning characters to the fictional voices who inspired them

Grace Hannoy

I got to this multiracial family and I could not stop thinking about them... It sounds kind of crazy when you talk to a writer about it, "like communing with fictional people" but as I got to know these characters, I had questions about them

-Grace Hannoy


A personal Experience

7 Truths I learned while fasting

Health? Weight loss? Religious reasons? A challenge? A trendy diet? What about a way to EXPLORE AND OBSERVE what happens to your mind and body when taken out of its habitual state and LEARN from it?


Finding Home

Nancy Kohler

How do we find home?